OR THIS: Body Scan Meditation (Audio)

Here are 5 tips for supporting your practice. Before you begin, be sure to....

1) Pick one specific time of day to practice- This makes the routine of meditation more likely to "stick."

2) Select one specific place when you can practice each day - Simply choose one place - a corner of a room, particular chair, I even used my closet at first- that you can associate with meditation. There should enough room for you to lie down or sit up in a comfortable position.

3) Complete this Habit Supporting Sentence (HSS):

I will {Behavior} at {Time} in {Location}


I will meditate at 7am in my kitchen.

I will meditate at 12pm in the chair in the corner of my bedroom.

I will meditate at 9pm in my closet.

Really commit to it by putting it on post it notes in your home/car/mirror, telling your family and friends and adding it to your calendar.

4) Make your meditation space inviting- It can be helpful to make your meditation space cozy so that the meditation experience becomes is enticing. Feel free to include pillows, candles, essential oils, artwork, or plants. I like to keep photographs of my kids nearby as a reminder that the meditation is for me, and for them. Get creative!

5) Note how you feel - It is also helpful to keep paper and a pen nearby, so that you can note how you feel at the end of each meditation. You can use words, numbers, or even smiley faces to capture any insights, reflections, or simply your mood at the end of the meditation.

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